Gulp. 45 and freckled.

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This is me in Pilates this morning. Not sure why I'm smiling... Faker!! Although, I Love Johnson, he kills me, but in a good way; all part of the 'new hip' rehab that seems never ending. 
Recently (March 9th) I turned 45. It was odd not to have 100s of birthday wishes; but I only use Facebook for my portfolio page and that doesn't flag you to give me love, nor did I post about my birthday on Instagram this year. Not because I don't want your gifts... ;P
 Turning 45 isn't the easiest; for me anyway. I don't know why. Facts. I'm not embarrassed by it. I know I don't look 45 (whatever 45 looks like...) I'm still with a hovering maturity level of about 21... Maybe that's my problem.
Post-facial selfie in Maldives at the Conrad (That condescending eyebrow is natural, not from Botox; so I guess I'm naturally filled with condescension)
I get ongoing kudos of looking good for my age. Women that work in spas here in Asia tell me that I look great for a 'Caucasian woman of older age'...
Lolz. Um...Ok...?
And I've been told by some 'fashion industry people' that it's time to lie about my age... Huh? Why?! I ignore people who think an apple is a meal.
But, let's be honest - my skin is 'young' because of my regimen. I have been a hair and makeup artist for 25 years. I am a skincare addict. I get facials every 2 months with the best facialist in Singapore. I've had Thermage two years ago, and I, admittedly upkeep occasional but minimal Botox. 
photo of Derm Guru by Carolyn Strover, hair and makeup by me.
Just before Christmas I visited my Derm Guru. Dr Komathy at The Lifestyle Clinic and she did some other little tidbits for me. But before I divulge THAT...
When I was home at Christmas visiting family, I was chatting with a few (who shall remain nameless) family members who were making fun of women who get lifts, Botox and fillers.
Me: Um, you guys know I get Botox right?!
They nodded, but added that I don't look it. [I know, because Dr Komathy is  amazing and I'm annoying so between her skills and my paranoia I get the perfect Botox cocktail.]
Before my last Botox I told her that I was turning 45 and not thrilled. Depressed, to be honest (hip replacement surgery and my older daughters relocating as young adults back to Canada probably had something to do with that too), and although I don't look 45 (again, whatever 45 looks like), I just had some things that bugged me. Laugh lines, sagging here and there etc etc... The good doctor explained what happens in the aging process and what we can do to minimize the signs of aging. Now, I'm not going to delve into the technical cuz...... but I will share what I had done aside from my Botox....
Fillers!! Yes, my friends, family and frenemies!! But you can't tell and THAT is the miracle of a talented hand and eye. Fillers do hurt like a MF. But you don't need to look like a squirrel who's packing nuts in their face for winter which is fillers gone wild(ly wrong)
Did you know: there is a kind of filler that if you hate it, they can inject something to dissolve it? Juvederm. Not all fillers have this option, so be mindful of that. Non-committal is best when it's literally in yo face
If you live in Singapore, you can go see Dr Komathy and ask for the Andrea Claire special. Lol. Just kidding. But you can certainly express your apprehensive desires. I also told her that I have no issue with her sharing what I've had done but, she still may not because there's doctors' privacy oaths and stuff.
I am, and always will, remain an opened book aka over-sharer. 
Questions? Comments? Drop 'em below.
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