The age of Adaline to Zelda

Posted August 7, 2015 @ 7:39pm | by Andrea Claire

The age of Adaline to Zelda

[sorry my head's so big... I gotta work on that!]


We are constantly on the uphill battle of beauty. Why? Because society and media tell us we are (and the occasional mother-in-law).

Lately I have been having a constant revolving door conversation with many women about age and makeup. Researching for ideas. What is the general consensus?

20s - it's the 'anything goes' years
30s - it's 'use caution but with your newly added eye cream'
50s - it's 'grab your coral lipstick'


40s....? Why is the 40s seeming to be a lost decade? Cut your hair into a bob and sit quietly until 50s beauty rules kick-in?

I thought it was just me projecting (I'm 44); but after asking other women in their 40s if they felt the same, well, turns out that I'm not alone. It's almost as if under 40 & over 40 have their place in the world but we are the 'hold on a sec' decade. I guess our kids ballet and soccer give us purpose. I'm being facetious, we're also prepping gluten-free, dairy-free, meatless lasagna. 


It's 2015 and many women have careers into their 40s (and 50s, 60s)... and yes, many are stay-at-home domestic overlords (Goddesses if you will, but not obligatory.)

I'll make a case for any women of any age but I want to talk about where it drives home for me.


Where my bonnet initially entangled a bee:

A 20-something makeup artist in a peer forum with a plea for help "I have a 42 year old client tomorrow; help me as I'm not sure how to deal with aging skin!"

Um... Sweetheart, put down those brushes and walk away slowly.

I'm 44 and have been doing makeup longer than that little pumpkin has been powdering her own nose. I have worked on faces in their 20s whose skin is older than many who are in their 40s. (Cigarette smoke, air travel and lack of sleep can take it's dermis toll on supermodels - dehydration affects show no age mercy)

Age in years ain't nothin' but a number, but just like the rings on an old oak tree, it's the skin's visual age that's your limiting factor in makeup, not your numbered years on this
earth. The grooves on your skin, not the fact that you use the word groovy. You catch my drift?

Just as the whole 'cut your hair off as you hit 40' rule can be broken, so can the limit of your makeup. Why are these old school rules made to be broken today? Well, skincare technology is number one. Whether using Botox or a killer skincare regimen, that youthful appearance is clinging on and not only by your
thread lift. By the way, that doesn't mean that frosty pink lipstick just got an ok-go; style still prevails. Don't be basic.

Your beauty box of tricks doesn't need to be deciding between 'the brown or black wing-tip liner or the tight-line' for today. And while you still may not want golden glitter on your eye at 40 (even 30+), I'm telling you: it's ok if you do; especially if you and your 20-something daughter are being mistaken as sisters; who knows, maybe you rock it better. 

Just like Adaline, embrace that grey hair. You've earned that over your lifetime. (I said embrace it, not ignore it)

Occasionally I'm going to plump you up with beauty tips - anti-aging, makeup, hair... Stay tuned. In the meantime ladies and little girls who do ladies makeup: 

#marinateyourskin, do not bake it. I'll get to that later.

*FYI: watch The Age of Adaline. Loved it!




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