Holiday makeup || What came first: the Turkey of the eyeliner?

Posted December 19, 2015 @ 10:25am | by Andrea Claire

What came first: the turkey or the wingtip liner?        

By Andrea Claire 

The holiday hustle is here. Countdown to turkey in 5-4-3-2 - hold the phone... a little higher with a top tilt... This is your selfie posed and ready to click. The problem with this day and technological age, is that we feel the pressure to be picture perfect as we are bent over, face in the oven about to baste with haste. It's bad enough that we need our #ootd to complement our kitchen utensils, now we need our hair & makeup to be #onfleek?!

Let me share with you, a few beauty bites that will get you ready for the #santaselfie and / or #turkeygroufie this holiday season.



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Never ask a mom with wingtip liner why she’s late to the party!

Best applied with your eyes open for that perfect angle.

Do not tug your skin taut hoping to help the application, otherwise your liner could get lost somewhere between the closing and opening of your eye.

1. Base from lash line to brow bone with Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit for light to medium skin, or No Pressure for medium to dark skin. This neutral sheers with subtle shimmers look great on every skin tone.


2. Using Charlotte Tilbury’s Feline Flick (pictured above), start with the outer edge of your lower lash line and extend up and out towards the temple. The length and angle is really up to preference, but for the newbs: extending upwards lifts the eye, so decide if you want a subtle lift. Then, looking down but with eyes open, draw down from the tip of the wingtip onto the upper lid towards the lash line, you should notice a triangle. Colour that triangle in and extend a thin line along your upper lash line. Voila!!


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Same liner, 2nd look! The feline eye.

3. Continue on from step 2 of the wingtip liner by drawing a liner from the lower inner corner tight at your lash line out to meet the outer corner. Draw in the waterline with a black or nude liner. Nude liner creates open eyes, great trick for awakening tired or small eyes. Try NARS Rue Bonaparte 


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Tip: If your hands aren’t steady for an accurate wing, place a Mabel's Labels label at the angle you want and trace along the edge. Gently lift off the label. You can also use scotch tape or medical tape.

 Glowy with a black waterline inspo from down-under makeup artist Rachel Sophie                                                                                                         

1. Start by applying Stila kajal liner in Onyx on your waterline; don’t worry if it bleeds out a little, that actually helps for a slight woke up like this look.

2. Less is more (besides, while your head is in the oven it's less to melt off). Keep eyes simple by applying only two shades: a contour in the crease for shape and highlighter for a pop of fab. Highlight is great on the inner corner as it brightens and lifts with light reflection - mimicking St Nick's twinkle. Highlighter can also be applied at the brow bone, bridge of nose, cheek bone, lip bow and décolletage for a strobing effect. Shade & Illuminate by Tom Ford  

 Tip: Extremely hidden lids? Cheat your crease by applying your crease where your lashes hit when your eyes are open. Use a synthetic dome eyeshadow brush by Sigma Beauty for creams.



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Join the glitterati!

Glitter as liner is subtle enough that you don't need to be afraid of the mid-life crisis rule. Here I used a shimmery cream shadow as a base, but it was for an editorial. To translate that to be more wearable I suggest to base your lid with a matte shadow that complements your eye colour. Try MAC Print for blue eyes, Make Up For Ever Eggplant for brown eyes, Face Atelier Truffle for green eyes, NARS Thunderball for hazel eyes and then with a liner brush and a little clear eyelash glue, do a tight line of glitter at your lash line. Fun is your middle name now! 

Tip: Use a Sigma Beauty flat liner brush dipped in white Duo eyelash glue, press gently into lash line then apply glitter over the glue following the same line and pressing in. Any fallen glitter can be removed from the skin by tapping with tape.



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Avoid mistletoe with red lips like these as seen on inspirational speaker / body positive Liis Windischmann  by the talented artistry hands of Lori-Ann Lazary

Tip: Want a red lip and smoky eye? Perfectly fine, just choose a matte red and hold back the blush, otherwise it can be a little OTT.  Try Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red, a suits all luxe, matte.


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Nude lips are the best when ‘eating all day’ is on your holiday list of things to do; they’re also mistletoe-friendly and midnight-on-NYE-kiss-friendly. Try Lipstick Queen Sinner in Bare Nude 


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Pink and gold lips are more for the 'avoid the meal unless it's through a straw' celebrator; perhaps channeling your inner Patsy Stone? Or maybe you're juicing your way through your holiday meal? Either way, no judgement on your fab holiday lips! Here I used MAC Vamplify in Little Mischief with Lancôme’s Stardust Golden Top Coat, a gold glitter mascara (warning: selling fast!).

The je ne sais quoi of your holiday beauty

Swisscode Dynalift  is a skin secret for all skin types that upon application provides a visible, youthful radiance. Known as the Cinderella serum; it has an active lifting effect that lasts for up to five hours. Your skin will look refreshed, firmer, fine lines reduced; perfect for women on the go this holiday season.

Tip: Apply Dynalift before the moisturizer and as a touch up throughout the evening or any event. The lifting effect will last up to 4/5 hours but for many that matches the tolerance for family gatherings so win-win!

All images used with permission.

**Andrea Claire is a Canadian hair & makeup artist based in Singapore. She thrives on the latest lippy, a good backcomb and sarcasm.

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